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Chefs deathmatch! (Sofia)

I need help from someone here to put this event together. I have done this in the past with great success. It would be an event for Protected content . Three of them must love to cook. I would volunteer to be one of the cooks. We need a host withs well equipped kitchen.

So we all get together and the cooks bring the ingredients for their dishes. The other guests bring the drinks. For the next hour or so the "chefs" will do their job at the same time. If they have a great sense of humor, different cultural backgrounds, and can be focusing on cooking at the same time, then it becomes a very funny and dynamic situation. The guests will enjoy watching three people working with sharp instruments, high temperatures, and making fun of each other in apparent chaotic cofusion but it actually all makes sense and at the end they will enjoy a great dinner.

The cooks may talk to each other beforehand just to let each other know what is it they plan to make, so there will be no weird combination of foods or duplication. They also cannot pre-cook anything, they must walk in with the ingredients and do the entire thing during the event.

Who will help me?

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