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Information about living in Bulgaria (Sofia)

Hello, I'm new to InterNations and I hope I posted this in the correct subforum.

I'm editing a write-up on Bulgaria for the property website I'm working for. At the moment it's all still pretty generic and general -- you know, like: Sofia is a beautiful city, some descriptions of parks, museums, etc. A little on the impersonal side. I would love to get some insight on living in Bulgaria directly from people who actually live there or are from there.

For instance, what's it like living in Varna? Pomorie? Melnik? Kyustendil? Or any of the towns, districts and neighborhoods within them?

I hesitated about posting this, so I want to assure you all that the write-up is finished. We already have a raft of research about the country and its regions and cities. I'm just looking for a few opinions on what it's like to live in X neighborhood or Y city to make it a little more personal and accurate.

I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks in advance.

ETA: The colleague who recommended this forum to me suggested I try asking the scouts as well, but I thought I'd post here first, as an introduction of sorts.

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