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inspring talks (Sofia)

How often do you have inspiring conversations?
Talks which leave you mesmerized, baffled, challenged?
Making you feel fragile and strong, and vibrantly alive?

Such conversations happened to me occasionally spontaneously. Each time leaving both of us grateful for the moment shared, for the connection made. Gradually I got addicted to meeting people for small talk on big topics. Travelling around the world now with a few questions on my sleeve to get diamonds of answers that broaden our horizon, lift our spirits, kick our buts or deepen the silence. A book is in the making. Your book in a way. I’m just the one typing.

A guided conversation lasts about 30 minutes and much longer if we want. I’ll be in Sofia from Wednesday 24/9 till Sunday 28/9 and travelling thru Bulgaria for 3 weeks.

Looking forward to meet you!


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