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Living and Working in Sofia

Dear members of the Sofia Community,
I am currently located in the UK and work from home. Due to my type of work I can actually work from anywhere as long as I have a phone and a Desk. My job is basically phone based. I am dual Citizen British/Australian and have spent most of my adult life in Australia. I have always wanted to experience living in Europe and am giving serious consideration to moving to Sofia. I have a few concerns that I must be sure about before making the move though. I would live there at least a year so I would assume that my Company would have to pay my taxes in Bulgaria. Im curious as to how much tax I would have to pay though as I beleive I have to pay tax and also social security contributions and so in total would that mean I would be paying 29% of my wages ( combined Tax & Social contribution ) ?
Also Im wondering if there are any local phone companies that could make phone calls as cheap or cheaper to call the UK from Sofia compared to making calls from UK to the UK. This does interest me as I know when i lived in Australia I could call the UK cheaper than I could make local calls. Also I was interested in knowing how many English speaking television channels that you can access if living in Sofia. If anybody could offer advice on any of these questions then it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott

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