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"Tuk-Tam"-Social Network of young professionals (Sofia)

Dear expats in Bulgaria,
I am a member of a recently developed social network called "Tuk-Tam". We are young professionals, who have studied abroad and recently returned to Bulgaria to build our careers and lifes.

Tuk- Tam has started through informal meetings. We shared our experiences abroad, our culture shock when coming back to our home country and our happy moments ever since. Most importantly, however, we found we are so many.

What we did was meet, talk, and party. Then seven of us decided to organize this social network and put it into a structured organisation that helps others. Today, after a whole year of uniting people through socializing and networking, we have grown more socially responsible. We found that it is not our nationality that unites us but our mindset and experience.

That is why we invite you- expats who currently live in Bulgaria and want to broaden your social network, join us at our regular events and parties. You could visit Tuk-Tam's website to view our social calendar or the projects and events we have organized for the past year. It is currently being translated into English. Therefore, if you understand nothing of Bulgarian, you could e-mail me at Protected content for more information or to receive our newsletter in English.
Enjoy the beautiful Bulgarian spring and see you soon!

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