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Legal status in Russia? (St. Petersburg)


Wanted to find out how to best legalize myself per se.....

I'm a dual citizen of US and Ukraine, so having entered the .RU with Ukrainian passport I didn't need a Russian visa and can stay here for 3 months without it.

However it is becoming a pain to cross the border every 3.

This spring I filed for a work permit in SPb, which would allow me to recieve a year-long registration and then a permanent residency. However I'm simply unable to pick up the damn permit because of the level of bureaucracy's been waiting for me since about May and I've been to the "Migration office of the Document Center" several times - I wait for hours among hundreds of people, but never get inside....
So I've given up and now stuck with the situation that I have to cross the border every 3.....

is there another way to deal with this ? Maybe some different status I could file under? I'm basically an entrepreneur and can work as sort of a free-lancer
Any advise would be appreciated

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