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Mailing Invitation for Russian Visa (St. Petersburg)

Hello, everyone my name is Cory and I am a 24 year old American currently living in Washington, D.C. I know starting a thread with your first post is a bit like expecting a heavy pour the first time you walk into a bar, but I am a bit desperate.

My intention is to get a private Russian visa when I travel there this summer, during which I will be looking for potential work opportunities when I am not busy enjoying Russia. I am quite familiar with the process required to receive a private visa and currently have the first stage taken care of given that my friend in St. Petersburg got an official invitation for me. I know need to get it in my hands so I can take it along with the other documents to the embassy here in DC and apply for my visa. My issue is how to get this piece of paper without selling a kidney in the process. I want to pay for the postage, as it is not my friend's responsibility to do so, but every shipping company I have received quotes from estimates it in the $150 range. That just seems ridiculous for one piece of paper. Does anyone on here have any idea of a method that could get this document to me for a reasonable amount of money? Thank you in advance.


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