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Spanish Club anyone? (St. Petersburg)

Hey Everyone,

Was meaning to post about wanting to catch up with some Spanish speakers for a good conversation and some Spanish (Russian) practice and just saw a similar post from a few days ago from Stanislava! :)) Which made me think that maybe a Spanish speaking club could be a good idea? Are there any Spanish speakers here who would not mind to join in with the eager Russians? Or just generally does this resonate with anyone?

In any case, I personally need a bit of Spanish speaking parctice for work. I once had a decent level of Spanish, but since I did not use it for ages, I now stumble as I speak, forget the words, throw in bits of English, etc.

So I am looking for some kind soul who would want to join me for an hour or so just to talk about all kinds of stuff in Spanish. Need to get this Spanish going again. Since I cannot offer much good in return, the coffee to get you through this ordeal is on me!

Write back to me here if this sounds good to you


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