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Volunteer manager(s) for up and coming music group (St. Petersburg)

"Shanty Choir Parusnik MIR" is an all-volunteer group of 10 singers and musicians from 5 countries, based in Saint Petersburg, and dedicated to performing the music of seafaring men during age of sail. We have recently been featured at such events as the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta. We have performed in Sochi and Karelia, as well as our home port of Saint Petersburg. We are the semi-official shanty group of the Russian sail training ship MIR. If you're on Facebook, there's a page: Protected content

We are sorely in need of one or more volunteer band managers to assist our executive producer next year. He has extensive contacts and finds super performance opportunities for the group. But once he has agreement with a sponsor or venue, there are many details to work out, and he simply doesn't have time to handle this... and it would not be the best use of his time even if he did.

As a group manager, you would take over and finalize the details of performances the producer has set up.

* Make travel and accommodation arrangements and bookings for the group,

* Communicate with the musicians about these arrangements,

* Act as concert site/venue liaison (arrange sound checks, make sure musicians know when to appear... stuff like that).

You enjoy working with a variety of people.

You are a natural-born organizer, and enjoy detail work.

You have some degree of tolerance for flaky people like musicians and executive producers, but you can kick butts when necessary.

You can be flexible and you're able to react to and manage change.

Fluency in Russian is a must. Enough English to be able to communicate with English-speaking group members is a major plus.

You should be able to travel to Schengen countries and re-enter Russia (in case of an international performance - not usual but could happen).

You have basic computer/internet skills enough to work with the group's online calendar (training provided) and send emails.

So why would you do this on a volunteer basis? (Remember, the musicians are all volunteers.) There are a couple of carrots we can dangle:

1. Free passes to local shows for you and a guest, with VIP seating when available/possible.

2. If somebody buys a round for the band at a gig, we'll make sure you're included. :-)

3. Possibility to travel with the group to any out-of-town/international events you take on. You would go as a group Protected content
member with travel and accommodation expenses paid as part of the producer's deal with the sponsor/promoter/venue.

#3 has the potential to result in some very fun things: staying aboard and possibly cruising on tall ships, for example.

If interested, please send me a personal message. We can talk and if things look good I will take your proposal to the full group.

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