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Pasar Malem Tjap Toendjoengan Surabaya

Another typical event in Anniversary of Surabaya to 723, namely Pasar Malem Tjap Toendjoengan Surabaya .

Surabaya Pasar Malem Tjap Toendjoengan a culinary event which presents a variety of cuisine from all over the archipelago. A total of Protected content the culinary variety from across the country will be present and can be tasted by the visitors. This event will be conducted on May 3, Protected content June 5, Protected content .

Some of the culinary variety of traditional and snacks can be buy by visitors as Cingur Rojak, Nasi Bali, Nasi Liwet, Lontong Racing, Lontong Kupang, Gudeg, Semanggi , Assorted Satay, Pempek, Tek Know, Rawon, Porridge Madura, Ice Manado, Es Pisang Ijo, Wedang Ronde and many others.

This year, the event Toendjoengan Surabaya Pasar Malem Tjap located in the outdoor area Food Festival - the East Coast Center Surabaya.

For the location of this event you can pass on the campus ITS continue straight toward the east to get into the housing Pakuwon City - Surabaya.

Surabaya Pasar Malem Tjap Toendjoengan Protected content open daily from 17:00 pm until 23:00 pm.

In the year to 8 implementation of this Toenjoengan Tjap Pasar Malem, the stretcher concept remains the same, namely Surabaya past. Joglo main stage and the tent tenants are made of thatched huts.

This event also show a fireworks display that lasted very festive. In addition to entertaining the visitors who enjoy a variety of culinary every night will be in some various themed entertainment legacy as well, such as:

1. Lawak

2. Orchestra Tjap Toendjoengan

3. Music kroncong Bassanova

4. Music Patrol

5. Mix Sari

6. Kroncong

7. Cokekan

8. Traditional Fashion Show

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