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August drinks feedback (Sydney)


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick few words on my first attendance to the monthly drinks night.

Axel does such a great job in providing the enthusiasm and the drive. And a really good bloke to boot.

I met Michael the accountant and got up to date with the trials and tribulations of SMEs in this period of financial instability.

Andrea the photographer gave me a lot to think about with respect to intellectual property.

Astrid the graphic designer was someone whom I had met over a year ago to discuss business collaboration and it was a total surprise to see her in this group. Proving that the world really is small.

Tim the geology trained marketing and sales success story brought back memories of when I was single and roaming the world. The only difference, however, was that I didn't have his height and good looks.

Christine the web developer allowed me to discuss some of the new developments in the www domain including CSS.

Thank you Guys for enriching my evening. I certainly look forward to the next get together where I can meet the rest of you and to hear your story.


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