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Australian exploration opportunity (Sydney)

Hi All,

I am currently working in an interesting but expensive Lodge in Australia. In the last couple of days, I was thinking of the unique place and experience that place offers; however it is not very affordable, because of the entire package attached.

Thinking of how it would be possible to make such an experience possible for everyone, I actually thought about those "AirBNB" places on the river, which can be booked with multiple Bedrooms.

So the problems that arrears are, if a bunch of us don't know each other, it could be a bit challenging, in case people don't get along with each other, and it would be an overnight stay.

The location (for example) at the Hawkesbury is in addition to very beautiful, they are also very remote and often "accessible" by boat only. That makes it unique and challenging because not everyone can handle that.

On the other hand, it is an experience in the wilderness that is for most of us a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Just a random option on the river:
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This is a 4 bedroom for a weekend, and just an example.

Other exciting locations for a smaller group are for example :

Turon Gates
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which is beyond the Blue Mountains and there are exciting options, I stayed there twice and might be able to get a discount there.

Also, another great location is close to the Emirate One and Only destination:
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I want to point out those experiences because this community is based on Expats, who would like to experience the uniqueness of the land "down under". I worked and lived in those locations and the experience there is one I don't want to miss in my life. Besides the Landscape, there is also a lot of wildlife (not only the poisonous). Most of the places also allow pets.

All those places do not offer food, so it has to be organised. However, organising a communal meal is generally cheaper than going to a restaurant. Generally speaking, we talk about comfort food, which even can be prepared in advance (Lasagne, cheese and charcuterie platters etc.).

If anyone has any further questions about where to go, or how to organise, I am happy to help to get a deeper understanding. It is worth an experience, but I am not sure if it works as an event on this website.

Again, the reason why I write the post is, to inspire to think about a very different kind of experience as an Expat here in Australia, and I would like to find a way to make it possible for Expats without families.

Please let me know what you think.


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