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December drinks feedback (Sydney)


I don’t want to waste my time.

A very close friend of mine with terminal cancer passed away four years ago. Some months earlier, had taken him to a discussion group which I was a member of and no one turned up. I had wasted 3 hours of his limited time on this earth. I have not been able to forget that occasion. And every time that I go to an event where I am not with family or close friends, I ask myself whether I am wasting my allotted time on this earth.

Last night I was told that my summary of the August and September drinks nights had inspired this particular person. I must say, the inspiration for me to write anything comes from the unique people that I meet each time I attend one of these events. Last night was no exception. My discussions with Dana,Paivi, Renata, Stojan and Luis made me contemplate many aspects of the human condition. They allowed me to revisit my world views and values. Leaving the event, I felt light and contented knowing that I had made excellent use of my time. Thank you very much Guys.


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