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Help, knowledge needed (Sydney)

Hi there!!!

My name is Candace and I am leaving for Sydney in February to Study my Masters in Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. I am 22 so I am looking to study hard but play hard as well. I am INCREDIBLY excited to start this new adventure. If you have any info on the following topics I would greatly appreciate some knowledge...

-How much would it be to ship a medium sized box (clothes and shoes) from CA to Syd?

-I would like to get a part time job, any suggestions?

-I am planning on renting a room somewhere near the university. Any places you recommend or any places I should stay away from?

-I have an iphone 4s here in the states and would like the same in Syd. Any recommendations for phone plans? I was looking into Amaysim as an option so I can continue using the iphone I have now out there, any pros and or cons about this service?

-I will need to set up a bank account in Syd, any banks that you would recommend?

-Public Transport: If I am going to be using public transport around the glebe area to surrounding suburbs, the CBD and to the eastern suburbs is it worth paying for the MyMulti1,2 and or 3?

Hopefully I can get some help, who knows I may even bring you some reese's....I know they are incredibly expensive in Syd haha.


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