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Hey Sydney..ites...

Hi there Sydney... This is Kevin Wright here...I am living in Bali (The island of the Gods) and will be visiting Sydney from 21st to 27th July....

I am looking to meet as many people as possible. My main aim for the trip is to NETWORK... To meet and chat and get to know different types of people.
Any advice on great NETWORKING Events or venues.. would be highly appreciated.

In addition to that, I am expanding my Global Business there in Sydney / Australia and so i am also interested in talking to possible business partners etc.. People who are open to explore some new opportunities etc...

And of course if you ever come to Bali... please don't hesitate to contact me. I am the InterNations Ambassador for Bali and would love to get 'connected' with all visitors and invite them to our events here :)

So, if you would like to meet for a chat or correspond by email / skype etc before i arrive .... please let me know.
My email: Protected content
my skype: kevinwrightOTG

Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney...


Kevin Wright

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