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I want to work in Australia (Sydney)

Australia is a beautiful country and offers lots of opportunities for overseas migrants to migrate. There are so many different subclass of visas available in Australia. The question for many would be: I want to work in Australia but which Australian visa for me?

As a Registered Migration Agent, I cannot give you a straight forward answer. Everyone is different and everyone has their own background and unique situation. depend on your personal circumstance, your age, your qualifications and work experience (this includes your employment history However, I can certainly give you some guidance as to which Australia visa to choose from.

Most overseas potential candidate with relevant qualifications and employment history might want to consider the General Skilled Migration. Under the General Skilled Migration- the subclass of visas are

Visa Protected content Independent) – This is a Permanent Resident option which does that requires the applicant to be nominated by an Australian State Government or a relative.

Visa Protected content Nominated)- A permanent resident visa that requires the applicant to be nominated by an Australian State government.

Visa Protected content Regional Provisional Visa) – This is a four year provisional visa which requires the applicants to live in a regional area before they can obtain a Permanent Residency.

If you are interested in a employed sponsored visa, you may wish to try visa Protected content be abolished in March Protected content , or visa Protected content Employer Nomination Scheme Visa.

For youngsters between Protected content , the Working Holiday Visa might be an option for you. This is a temporary visa but does not lead to any eligibility for permanent residency. (Please for country of origin if you are eligible for this subclass of visa)

If you are interested in any subclass of the visa written above or other subclass of visa, please contact us at Protected content

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