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Kill the professional for Corporate Growth ? (Sydney)

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Here's my post titled: 'Kill the professional for Corporate Growth ?'
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Recently I was in my office in a slightly pensive mood, owing to a series of not-so-desirable interactions with some not-to-be mentioned people around me. Sitting alone, my thoughts were floating around things that I usually insist upon everyone to avoid – post-mortem of events at the expense of team / personal relationships.

And with every thought emerged emotions that led to new trains of thoughts from past experiences. One amazing quality of human mind is that if it’s untamed, it can conjure up surprisingly old and forgotten memories to bolster the ongoing thought. So if it’s a positive train, dozens of positive thoughts and experiences would start flashing up and if its negative, so would negatives be. Negatives were dominating at that moment and my mind was racing around weaving the beads - who did what, who said what, who was ‘so careless’, ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘rude’.

Suddenly some colleagues came beaming; and brimming with excitement, one of them told me about the mesmerizing session (they just attended) on a new technology being discussed for adoption in our organization. Essentially, this would mean our people getting trained on this new technology to advise our clients on its merits, for the clients to adopt and implement the technology in their organizations.

Wading through my own thoughts, I wasn’t keen on absorbing her laborious details but didn’t want to express my disinterest. What resulted was me catching on to just one line from the whole download – The technology is so powerful that with its deployment, the work done by 18 people can be done just by 2 persons.
The mood that I was in didn’t quite help and I ended up asking ...

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