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Woman Exapt Doctors in Sydney


Hi Everyone !

Is there any overseas doctors or health care employers who can assist me moving to Australia.I come from EU country and currently am living in Istanbul.

Due to some political issues my both homes s accepted many immigrants from Syria and Iran.

And over the past few years, the air pollution has exceeded level with 32 percent ..I got asthma and panic attacks in the few months after moving back home to Turkey.

I need to choose between working for Protected content per month as a full time surgeon 'in Sofia or If I choose Turkey ,for Protected content per month. i ll be sent to rural areas where % 5 percent of the doctor gets killed, by Islamic terrorists each year.

France-doesn't accept foreigner doctors.
Germany-I don't speak german plus it s too cold for my cultural norms.
States-I has the same policy as the AUS but doesn't give me work permission till I finish with the assessment process.

SO basically I don t have a home.

You are living in a more civilised country so please
could you enlighten me about your country's s policy and my rights ? I`d appreciate if you advice me how to proceed .

I m an artist and has 2 college degrees,in positive psychology and philosophy besides medicine.

I m willing to pay if there is a professional who can assist me during the whole assessment process,since to me it`s buro -crasy is quite unfamiliar.

Thanks in advance.

Kisses all !

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