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Work Less... to Accomplish More and Stay Healthy! (Sydney)

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Here's my latest post titled
'Work Less ... To Accomplish More and Stay Healthy ! '

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For as long as I can remember, there has always been a debate on how many hours should people be asked to or be subjected to work in a week on an average. Owing to my own creative inclinations, I’ve always been a proponent of working fewer hours, as this frees the mind for a longer duration each day.

When the mind is free, the sub-conscious mind takes over and improves the information retrieval and processing abilities by manifolds. This enables the unchained flow of thoughts – often better ideas, some creative solutions to nagging concerns and an overall build-up of self-confidence, leading to motivation. Also, general health of such people improves; Occasional flashes of brilliance can sometimes even change the world!

But that’s what I love to believe. People generally equate ideas championing less working hours to laziness and unwillingness to really do something in life.

The argument against lesser work hours, typically, is that without putting in hard work for long hours, no one can possibly create any visible impact, forget changing the world. On the surface of it, this argument often bags the winner’s trophy as I find myself cornered with.....

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