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Do you want to be a Young Leader? (Tallinn)


What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is a global youth-led organization striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Together with partner organizations, AIESEC facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships.

What will you gain?

Leadership Development
AIESEC allows you to craft an intense learning experience that enables you to increase your self-awareness and solution orientation, develop communication skills in diverse environments and gain a global mindset.

Personal and Professional Growth
Through volunteering and working in teams, you will gain both hard and soft skills while developing practical leadership qualities

Global Network
By joining AIESEC you become part of 40, Protected content across Protected content and territories. Depending on your ambition and advancing in the organization, you will have a chance to build connections and life-long friends via conferences and development opportunities.

Contribute to the Society
By being an AIESEC member, all your actions have a direct impact on the people around you. From impacting your own teammates, to driving change initiatives in your communities, the opportunities to shape the world are endless and are entirely up to you.

It begins with that first step. Being aware of what's beneath your feet, and what's at that thousand-mile point will help you to decide where to place your foot with that first step. That first step begins taking you away from where you are now, from what lies beneath your feet.

If you still wondering what should be the first step you should make I will tell you: Join AIESEC

Join AIESEC in Estonia and become a Young Leader!
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