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Existing get-togethers in Tallinn

Hi all!

Ok, so I've been asked to be IN ambassador for Tallinn, which I happily agreed to but I should probably introduce myself, I'll leave that for a bit. Time to get down to business :-)

We may not have had an official InterNations meetup in Tallinn, but I have met several internations members in three various existing meetups. They are:

Thursdays, German Stammtisch in Bayeri Kelder: Protected content
Doesn't have a homepage, but is a happy group of welcoming Germans (somehow related to the German congregation in Estonia). At least Joachim and Erik from InterNations frequent it

Fridays, Swedish table at Hell Hunt: Protected content
Doesn't have a homepage, just a happy group of friendly Swedes related to the Swedish-Estonia Chamber of Commerce. I (CJ) frequent it and can provide contacts with a few others

First Thursday morning of every month, OpenCoffee Club Tallinn in Mercado, Ülemiste City: Protected content or Protected content
Not an international meetup as such, OpenCoffee has a facebook group explaining this meetup for startup/IT/entrepreneur people. CJ, Joachim, Erik and Robert frequent it

If you feel that you need to beef up your social life a bit and need to meet some living souls in Tallinn, just get in touch with either of the people who attend these events, and you will be very welcome to join us!

Until we get an InterNations meetup together... :-)

Best regards

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