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How to do the Wednesday April 8th meetup (Tallinn)

Hello dear InterNations friends,

so, I've made a placeholder event here (and some people have signed up or commented before they're invited, cool! :-) ):

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Anyway, let's at least not move the date, too many currently approve of middle-of-the-week thing, but that should not discourage others from getting together also at other times. Hey, I meet friends every now and then as well, you're free to coordinate it through InterNations!

We want to decide a good place to have it, the Scala City was cool but a bit pricey, out of the way and left people hungry. So let's pick something in the city you actually like, please give suggestions!

If possible, I would veto the places which already have meetups, i.e. Hell Hunt and Bayeri Kelder, but someone mentioned Vapiano, which I think is a tad pricey but not bad and possibly very nice after work. What do you think?

Anyway, then for what do do - of course people should feel free to discuss whatever, but I know that I would love to huddle over a google map and discuss cool places in Estonia with everyone. Also I will bring my movie collection for Luis and Victor :-)

There is a map of Estonia with interesting places I put together for my family, feel free to check it out, and then of course there's the InterNations POI database as well:

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Take care, and let's do this thing!

Best regards

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