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How you can use InterNations in Tallinn

Hey everyone,

Malte called me today and we had a chat, I agreed to be the Tallinn ambassador for InterNations, not primarily because I like InterNations, but because I love meeting people, internationally minded such in particular! So I hope everyone will be happy with that.

Anyway, I just wanted to post about a couple of things you might want to check out in IN:

1. What places do you love?

IN have added a feature to mark a place as "I love this place" and it will show up in your profile, which will give your friends a way to judge you quickly :-P If you check my profile, you will see that I like weird music clubs and saunas for example.

If your favourite place is not in the database yet, don't be shy about adding it. Bring up another window to google it, type in the address and write just a few words about it and click the button, and you're done.

2. Invite your friends

We're still not all that many on IN in Tallinn, but even as I look among my international friends IRL, I have not yet invited them here, which I of course want to do, they probably want to meet more non-estonians as well!

3. Internations is not just about Internations

Frankly, I'm just gonna ignore my ambassador instructions here, sorry Malte :-P . Sure we can arrange an InterNations get-together for something truly multinational, but partly through IN, I've also found the german stammtisch, the swedish night in Hell Hunt, and OpenCoffee, and these are also excellent ways to meet people. So let your activities in Tallinn into Internations, and do share Internations with your friends outside as well. Which reminds me, I have mentioned on facebook and other places that I want to find someone to practice some low-intensity (fat-burning) sport with, do you have any good suggestions?

Cheers, and both see you out there, and on the Internets!

Best regards

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