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Share your experiences on moving to Estonia (Tallinn)


Institute of Baltic Studies is conducting research on free movement in the EU with the aim to find out about the barriers that interfere with the full enjoyment of the right to free movement in the European Union. The project is implemented in cooperation with partner organisations from 15 member states (DE, BE, NL, UK, FR, GR, PT, PL, EE, BG, RO, CY, ES, AT, IT).

The project addresses the reality of free movement from the viewpoint of young European citizens who exercise their right. It aims to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the barriers that occur when young people exercise this right (whether ‘real’ or ‘perceived’, legal, administrative or social in nature), identify root causes and propose solutions to make free movement an accessible reality.

If you are a young person aged Protected content residing Estonia, and have been residing here for more than 1 year, we would be very interested to hear about your experiences on moving to and setting up residence in Estonia. Namely, what were the main reasons for you to move to Estonia, what kind of barriers you encountered when moving, where did you find the necessary information, what kind of information was missing, etc. Participation in the interview is anonymous.

NB: The movement has to be independent, i.e. it cannot be connected to studying in the university or a secondment.

If you would like to tell about your experiences during moving to Estonia, or if you have any questions, please write Protected content and we can agree on the date and time of the interview.

You can find more information on the project here: Protected content

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