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Travel the world through amazing pictures (Tallinn)

Hi all!

Just a little tip, and not at all limited to Estonia, but I figured I would post it here exclusively to begin with.

Imagine a place in the world where you have not been but would want to go, then type its name in in the place of the tag below:

Protected content

Notice that there is also a full-screen button in the bottom right corner, lean back and enjoy. I have shown this to friends wanting to go to Greenland or Alaska, and I'm sure it works for places with less ice as well ;-) .

Essentially everywhere people have taken pictures and bothered to tag them with the name of the place you will find yourself with an amazing slideshow to dream yourself away to.

Enjoy more IT tips from my nerd blog, Protected content :-)

(I don't know if that is considered spamming, then I will happily edit the post to be without my link, cheers)

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