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Dream Apartment for Rent (Tbilisi)



We are a Swedish couple that left Tbilisi a few years ago and have since then let out our flat in Vere to the Swedish embassy. It a fantastic space, with high celling, a fireplace, balconies and in a central location near Philarmony. The apartment offers a living space for relaxation, family life as well as socializing with friends and family. Located on the top floor of a typical Tbilisi style three story brick building from the Protected content . It blends a modern layout with a classical touch. Its unfurnished apart from basic equipments.

Detailed information:
Partially furnished
Internet access
Alarm system
Washing machine
Satellite dish /Cable TV
A/C in livingroom
Window blinds
Double glass windows
Fully renovated in Protected content

Space: 163m2
Bedrooms: 3
Balconies: 2
Sanitary units: 2
Rental price: Protected content neg.

Contact owner:
Martin Christensson
Protected content

Contact person in Tbilisi:
Olga Gvitirishvili
Protected content

We are happy to send pictures upon request!

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