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Georgian/Russian/English languages exchange (Tbilisi)

Is anyone interested in language exchange? If yes and if you are not in Tbilisi, Georgia, we can also do it by Skype.
From my side I can offer: Professional help in learning Russian or Georgian.
Although I currently live in Georgia I grew up and worked in Moscow and I am a native speaker of both Russian and Georgian languages.
I have taught Russian and Georgian languages for 14 years and I have excellent references from the diplomatic community.
When I give online lessons we talk and type in real time. I can work on your pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, reading skills and provide any help that would be available to you in person.
I will provide you with all training materials.
I can send the references I have received from my students.
From your side I need: Lessons with a native English speaker (American or British) to check my text, which I write in English and translate some sentences.

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