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Moving to Tbilisi

Hello. I am moving to Tbilisi with my wife and our 3 babies (July Protected content , and July Protected content .

We are looking to rent in the $600 or less per month range, and want something safe and close to parks for the children. As we'll be coming from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, we aren't picky, but we do want something reasonably nice.

I'd love any advice or tips other parents might have in terms of what it was like moving there, and what to expect in terms of safety (or danger) as concerns the children. Housing tips are also appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Henry and the family

I'm currently looking at the following web sites for our search, with Makler clearly being the superior site in terms of ease of use and overall design (some of these sites are horrible, so you've been warned).

By far the best site, but no one has responded to any of my email inquiries:
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The second best site, but again, no one has answered my email inquiries:
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Questionable sites, questionable design, and filled with ads:
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