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What Does A Kindergarten Teacher Earn? (Tbilisi)


My wife and I are considering hiring a full-time salaried person to help us teach our children, and assist with very light household tasks (cutting vegetables or washing a few dishes).

This person would be working with my wife, and never left alone with the children for any extended periods. It is not a babysitting position, and it is not a domestic help position. It's someone who is very focused on education. For example, if we all drive to the mall, on the way we are asking the children what color cars are, or seeing who can find a specific shape, or even type of car.

To illustrate this, my 28 month old son knows all of his shapes (hexagon, etc.), he knows his cars (Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel, etc.), and can sing a dozen or so children's rhymes, plus he knows the ABC song.

We want to build on this, with someone who is talented, and genuinely interested in teaching children. Since I am teaching them English until they are old enough for a real school, and my wife is teaching them Russian, we aren't as worried about a teacher who is fluent in English. Georgian is actually preferred, as we want to have someone who can help them as they start learning more Georgian.

Does anyone know the going rate for a salaried teacher here? We were considering something in the Protected content per month range. Accounting for another Protected content in my fees for taxes and a medical plan.

I'll be making an official contract, registering it according to Georgian law, with all taxes paid. Additionally it will include a including a medical plan, and the standard Georgian leave policies for salaried employees.

Thanks in advance for any input or advice.

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