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Wine, wilderness, WWOOFing? (Tbilisi)

Gamarjoba/Hello, all!

My partner and I arrive in Georgia 03 October and will stay in Tbilisi for a couple days. From there we were hoping to explore Kakheti to participate in the wine harvest/rtveli, but lately we are hearing that the harvest was early this year and we may have missed it. Does anyone know if this is the case, or have any info about the harvest/rtveli?

We also love to hike and are very excited to do the trek from Mestia to Ushguli. Since we are minimalist travelers, we won't be bringing any camping gear and plan to stay in the village guesthouses. Any recommendations for similar, low-maintenance treks?

Finally, we are interested in WWOOF/helpx/Workaway type accommodations (working on a farm or vineyard in exchange for a place to stay) but I wonder if it is too late in the season for this sort of thing?

I would be most grateful for any advice regarding the above or anything else!

My partner and I are both beyond excited to be in Georgia. We have been studying and admiring the wine, music, food, and culture for years and it will be the first time there for both of us.

Many thanks! Didi madloba!

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