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TV Travel show travelling through Honduras (Tegucigalpa)

Hi all, I'd appreciate any help you may be able to offer. I'm undertaking research for a small UK TV film crew who are due to travel through Honduras in September, mostly on foot but occasionally in cars, literally from one side to the other (from Guatemala to Nicaragua).

I'm looking for up to date information on anything they may encounter on route that we can prepare for. Clearly there will be safety protocols in place, but if any of you can provide recent experience of having travelled through parts of Honduras either by car or on foot and can vouch for areas of relative safety/risk or if this is just through your day to day life there, then please share. In particular:

1. What locations/areas do you live and/or operate in?
2. What official or unofficial protocols do you and your teams operate, for example:
- how do you travel around the city?
- how do you travel between cities?
- how do you travel in higher risk areas?
Examples might be a minimum number of people/vehicles/tinted windows etc.
3. Have you been threatened, witnessed violent threats or had near misses e.g. attempted attacks/car jackings etc?
4. Have you heard of foreigners being targeted specifically? I am aware of some high profile cases in the press, but keen to hear what is happening on the ground.
5. Do you have any good news or information sources, for example security bulletins, incident reports that you subscribe to or know?

You're help and support would be greatly appreciated by the team preparing to visit the country. Thank you in advance.


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