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About working in Iran (Tehran)


Hello everybody !!

I always wanted to go in Iran and currently working in Malaysia, where most of my friends are Iranians, has made me think about working there.
I'd like to find an internship there next year, around september Protected content , in the field of governmental organizations (Embassy, Ministry...), NGOs, or international organizations (UN, IMF, World Bank IAEA, ..).

Regarding these ambitions, I'd like to know first if you have an idea of who I could reach in order to fulfill my wishes (some contacts I mean) and then if you have any suggestions, informations about working in Iran (is it according to you a good idea, how could I manage it ?)

I'd really like to go there as I'm fascinated by the the Middle East, the Persian civilization, and the country in general, but also because I think it would be a great opportunity for my career. As I'd like to work within an International organization in the future, Iran complies clearly with these ambitions, as there is many work to do related to these field of activity.

Please fell free to contact me for further information !

Thanks by advance for your help !

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