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Tidbits while in Tehran and beyond

Ouch, it's blistering heat, here, this year! so, For you I have prepared a few tips, Also known as a few of my "tidbits". Some ways to get through the burning swelter, As if you've found a friend and shelter.

Here we go:
Bay Leaf Seeds (Tokhme Sharbati - toe-khmey shar-bat-ee)
These innocent little black seeds come in 2 sizes in Iran; small and large, and carry a big punch to conquer thirst. Just toss a half a teaspoon of seeds in a glass of drinking water. Wait a few minutes and you will witness their little black selves becoming surrounded by a bubble of gelatinous coating.
You can put these seeds in a bottle of drinking water, that you want to carry around with you, while taking a jaunt on your various adventures. Just take a sip whenever you feel the heat getting to be too much for you.
These seeds can be bought at most herbal shops (attari At-tar-ree), and for Protected content the approx. price will be 3,000 Toman. (As of July Protected content

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