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Who can help this lady asap? (Tehran)

Today my friend resend my this message about only iranian lady with british passport who was in Tehran and visited men's voleyball match

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Written by Imam Ghavami
From July Protected content , my younger sister is in custody in Tehran. She was arrested just for being visited by men's volleyball match!

Gonche Ghavami (the name of my sister) has dual citizenship - the British and Iranian. She was in Iran a few months to work in a charity organization dedicated to education of street children.

Gonche really decided to watch the game. And that is what it zaderzhali.Ona thought that women would be allowed to attend the game after the International Volleyball Federation demanded this from the Iranian authorities. Her arrest - a tragic mistake. Please help my sister back home.

Amnesty International has organized an urgent action in support of my sister. According to the international human rights organization, the Beagle is subject to psychological pressure, she was also threatened that she "did not come out of prison alive." They also state that "the lawyer hounds was not allowed to meet her, and could not even get her case for consideration."

The British Foreign Office said that he knew about the arrest of my sister, but can not do anything, because their diplomatic ties to Iran, according to them, is limited. We know that the UK Government can do much more for the salvation of the Beagle - a citizen of the United Kingdom. We have already seen that if the pressure on the government, they can find more effective ways to influence.

I just want my sister back home. It should never have been arrested, she did not deserve this torture in custody.

I know that each and every signature repost help my sister back home. Please help us to stop this nightmare for my family.

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