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An Important Note About Foreigners Driving in Isra (Tel Aviv)

In the wake of a contradiction in the regulation regarding the use of foreign driver’s licenses in Israel by foreign nationals, the Knesset Economics Committee, on Monday, 24 Adar I Protected content due to approve a significant change in order to correct the current regulation, the precise interpretation of which is in dispute. The new regulation is expected to take effect in April Protected content .

The new regulation determines that a foreign driver’s license held by any foreign national (over the age of Protected content be valid in Israel for a period of 1 year from the date of last entry to Israel (so far – no change).

The new regulation redefines “last entry to Israel” and states that last entry is “the last entry to Israel which followed a stay of 3 consecutive months outside of Israel”, or in the original Hebrew:

“כניסתו האחרונה” – כניסתו האחרונה לישראל שברצוף לפניה שהה מחוץ לישראל שלושה חודשים רצופים לפחות.

In other words, only an absence from Israel of at least 3 consecutive months will reset the count for another one year of driving with a foreign license.

If a foreign national enters and departs the country frequently, but is never absent from Israel for three consecutive months, he or she must convert their foreign license to Israeli license (including a one-off road test, with no theory test). Converting the license is done at the Ministry of Transportation only.

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