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Company visit in Tel-Aviv (Tel Aviv)


Hello my name is Julia Schulpen and I am currently vice-chairman of the study trip committee of Asset|Marketing at Tilburg University (Netherlands).
Asset Marketing is one of the biggest study associations from Tilburg University. Our study trip consists of 25 participants that all have affinity with marketing. It would be our great pleasure if we could visit companies during this trip to get a better impression about it through for instance a presentation and/or a tour.

Of course, we will offer you something in return as well: we would like to offer you our fresh knowledge, for example by solving a case concerning a current issue in marketing that you might have and we will provide you with some typical Dutch presents!

On the Study Trip to Tel-Aviv, which will take place from the 29th of April until the 8th of May, we want to spot the differences between the business environment in the Netherlands and Israel. The research question that arose was: Israel’s public perception is marked by images of violence and conflict rather than ones suggesting stability and a hospitable business environment. How big is this issue related to business environment? Second, how will the above negative public perception impact the Israeli companies in the attraction of investors and/or customers. Of course, we could provide you with the end result of our research.

I was wondering if anyone here could help me with the search for possible interested companies in Tel-Aviv whom we can visit.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regard,
Julia Schulpen

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