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EatWith - WorkWith ?? (Tel Aviv)

Hi there.
I just saw a banner ad on IN for a new social media like service called eatwith.
Founded by some guys in TA.
After airbnb turned everyone's home into a hotel EatWith has now turned anyone's kitchen into a restaurant. Sweet.
Does anyone know of a similar service for businesses ?
where one can go to work for a day or two at a businesses to learn about their challenges and hopefully gain a few insights along the way ?
The reason why I post in the TA forum is that I would be interested in visiting but rather than spend time on the beach I would rather want to learn something.
I have come to the point where conferences, lectures, and speeches are not quite going to cut it. So I am looking for something more hands on, more concrete.
But I know nobody in Israel so I have to take a different route.

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