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Gran Canaria - Best Broadband + UK TV advice? (Tenerife)

Hi All,

I have recently bought a place in GC (Playa de Ingles) and plan on spending several months there per year in different stints. I really want to still be able to get streaming UK TV (iPlayer etc) whilst I am there. So just wondered if you can help me answer 2 questions for your experience and wisdom:

1) What is the best Internet service provider? I don't have a phone line at the moment and want unlimited Internet quick enough to stream tv but I don't need a phone line or any calls package, just Internet.
(I also heard WIMAX might be coming to Playa - has anyone heard about this?)

2) What is the best way people have found to watch TV from abroad? I was planning to pay for a VPN and use that.

Many thanks for your help with this!


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