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English female singer/entertainer seeks advice?? (Tirana)

I am an experienced mature to entertain as cabarete singer or act as compare. My sudies have been in the field of advanced alternative energies and rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and such likes. I am very capable in many types of work.. to include ESOL.
But..Like all I had to work to pay my way while educating myself..I have been lucky in life as my parents were entertainers..singers..hence myself and siblings had constant vocal training. Without really even realising it..I have worked in many parts of the world, and of course in the UK where I at this time still live. (London).
I want to learn how to speak Albanian.. I have had enough of going to school so insted I am hoping to stay in Albania for a few months each year. I hope to be able to finance my singing..working as a vocalist./ compare./ animations manager./. I am hoping someone will tell me of any entertainment agents in Albania..or any hotels that have English vocal entertainments.. I really do not know where to start in Albania..I can't find any agents on the net.
I am also able to offer my business skills as a presentations person. Presenting products/services..I am also able to create powerpoint computer pressentations.
Any advice or help will be / IS..very welcome. I can be heard singing on the web patsy birdy singing time after time. This is a live recording .. I cover a wide rang of both music tracks/covers and styles of music too.
I will now (In advance) say a big Thank you to all. ..for reading this even biger Thanks if/when you reply.

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