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Living in Shkoder (Tirana)


Hello, I am of Albanian descent and have family living in Shkoder who are getting on in age, therefore am considering moving there from the US to help care for them with my American husband and 2 small dogs. I know I can ask them anything and everything will be "wonderful" in their eyes because they want me over there, but I would like to get some perspective from any Americans living in Albania, because they will understand where I'm coming from as far as facilities, driving, sanitation, etc. How difficult was it to get a long term residency permit? Has anyone brought dogs over, are there vet facilities available? I'm not in total denial about Europe's lifestyles, as I did grow up in Italy until I was 13, however I have not lived there as an adult, just visited. I know Albania doesn't put much thought into their pets, dogs are dogs, but you know to us they're part of the family and I just want to make sure if anyone knows of vet facilities. I don't seem to recall having seen any when I was there last year. I'm sure they don't have groomers :) Anyway, any insight from an American's perspective would be greatly appreciated. I don't need housing info as I would be living in the family's home. Thank you for your time. B.

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