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Where does the American Embassy Staff Relaxe? (Tirana)

So I am living in Tirana now, for now (my work will take me to various cities within shqiperia here). And I was wondering if anyone on here knows of a particular bar or pub, etc. where the American marines and the rest of the general staff of the American embassy hang out on weekends or off time? I am actually staying within two blocks of the embassy while I am here.
When I lived in Vienna the marines and embassy interns would all run around in a group as they were not very good at assimilating in to the local population. Being American and former American military myself, it was nice to bump into them now and then for some drinks and conversation... Though I prefer the company of the denizens or other expats wherever I live for my primary social interaction. Anyways, if anyone knows or has spotted them (you can not miss even two marines together out drinking) let me know.

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