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Moving to Toulouse - Info requested

Hello everyone,

I recently accepted a position with Airbus at the Saint-Martin site, and I'll be moving to Toulouse (from Dubai) end July Protected content . I would like some info / advice regarding the following, please:

- Apartment: I'm thinking of getting a one-bed apartment (T2) in Colomiers as it'll be close to work. Any ideas ref monthly rent amount? Also, any clauses / hidden charges to watch out for? And is the area convenient i.e. restaurants, supermarket, pharmacies etc within walking distance of most places?
- Budget: I've done some research and got some figures, but would like your feedback also for these monthly expenses
* Utilities
* Mobile plan
* Internet
* Food (will prob have to eat out everyday as I don't cook as yet)
* Other monthly expenses (socializing, transport incl gasoline)
It seems that after income tax deduction etc, I will have approx. EUR Protected content - per month in my pocket, from which to pay rent etc etc.
- Car: I'll need to buy one due to work requirements. Any clauses to be aware of? Car tax? Do you get cars with automatic transmission (yes, I don't know how to drive a manual!)
-Driving license: I've obtained an International Driver's Permit. What's the process like for getting a French license - do I need to attend classes and do a test? We follow the left-hand drive system in Dubai, which I know is what exists in France also.
- Food: Are there any companies / people that offer packaged meal services for single working adults who don't cook, and if yes, what are the costs like?
- Shipping of personal goods: I intend having my personal goods (mostly clothes and minor items, no household appliances) delivered directly to my temporary accommodation. Do I need to go to some customs clearance checkpoint beforehand? How does the paperwork clearance part work there?

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to the responses. You may email me at Protected content if you prefer.

Dillon Laurente.

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