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Satya Yoga 2013!!! (Toulouse)

Salut everyone,

Happy Protected content ! Hope you've had a fantastic start to the new year :)

I'm back in Toulouse to help you keep good on all those new year's resolutions to start living healthier and happier lives. The Fire sequence starts Feb 5th to help us keep warm and well over the next 9 weeks and welcome in the Year of the Snake... And what a year it's already shaping up to be!

***Classes at the studio will start again February 5th:
Tuesday Protected content
Thursday Protected content
@32 Rue Compans, Protected content next to the Mediatheque)

There are mats and props at the studio so all you need is comfortable clothing, an empty belly and an open mind! Classes are drop-in so there's no need to book in advance. All classes are open level and cater for all levels of fitness and experience. We work through 5 sequences during the year so the best time to start is at the beginning when we move more slowly through the postures, explaining as we go. Extra classes will be added as soon as the new studio is figured out...

***Yoga Retreat on Rhodes, Greece! April 27th - May 1st.
I'll be teaching a workshop at a spectacular spot on the island. Perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their practice and their understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of our art. Contact me for more info or to book in.

***Calligraphy Yoga Workshop with Master Yang in May. He is the embodiment of energetic practise and studying with him is an absolute honour. Stay tuned for more details.

***In September, Simon Borg-Olivier, the director of Yoga Synergy in Sydney, will include Toulouse on his European tour. A great opportunity to learn from one of Australia's most experienced yogis.

***I'm still available for corporate classes, private classes and massages (from my space in Patte d'Oie). Contact me for details or gift certificates.

Hope you're smiling!
Zoe :)

The Hatha Yoga sequences I teach were created by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, the directors of Yoga Synergy in Sydney. Here's some more info from their website :

The Yoga Synergy sequences were named in honour of the pancha mahabhuta (5 Great Elements) of Hinduism and Ayurveda that are believed to make up all of creation, including the human body - which, upon death, dissolves into these five elements of nature, thereby balancing the cycle of nature set in motion by the creative force of the universe.
Each of the five elements is associated with one of the five senses, and acts as the gross medium for the experience of sensations. According to Hindu thought, the basest element, Earth (prithvi, kshiti or bhūmi) was created using all the other elements and thus can be perceived by all five senses - hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight. The next element, Water (aap or jala), has no odour but can be seen, tasted, heard, and felt. Next comes Fire (tejas or agni), which can be seen, heard and felt. Air (vaayu, marut or pavan ) can be heard and felt. Ether (akasha) is the medium of sound but is inaccessible to all other senses. Hindus believe that the universal creative force used akasha, the most "subtle" element, to create the other four traditional elements; each element created is in turn used to create the next, each less subtle than the last.
Fire is the third of the 5 sequences, designed to be a heating dynamic energising practice during the cold winter months. Fire is the transformative element. It is form without substance, and the engine of all processes. According to Ayurveda, the location of Fire in the body is the small intestine. Within our bodies, the fire or energy binds the atoms together. Fire transforms food into energy. It creates the impulses of nervous reactions, our feelings, and even our thought processes. The intention with which we practice this sequence is to generate the internal fire, to boost immunity and maintain vitality through the coolness of winter.

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