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Satya Yoga 2015! *FIRE* Sequence Jan 6th - Mar 1st (Toulouse)

Happy Protected content !

I hope you all had a fabulous night farewelling the old year and welcoming in the new... Smiling and dancing with the first sunrise and all the promise it held :)
Perhaps some took a moment to reflect on how things are and how we'd like them to be (being respectful of the difference between the two of course); Weighing up the good and the bad of what came to pass in the year behind and anticipating what will manifest in the one ahead; Maybe some even set resolutions, made promises and planned goals for the next 12 months. These can all be useful things to do if you're so inclined...
In his book 'Tree of Yoga', Mr Iyengar, talking about the nature of enlightenment, invites us to imagine a beautiful sunrise and the bliss of the moment right before the thought of how beautiful it is penetrates our consciousness. Before we become aware or before we remember that we are separate from it. Before we use words to describe it. That's the moment, he said, where enlightenment lives. Maybe the intention to cultivate those moments is the only thing we need at the threshold of the new year. A lofty idea that requires courage to let go of the coulds and shoulds and the openness to sit with whatever is, here and now. What adventures lie before us in such epic simplicity? Can't wait to share them!

For everyone who's been missing their regular practice in the indulgence of the festive period and for all those wanting to try something new, classes go back in a few days with the Yoga Synergy FIRE Sequence:
@ le Jardin Culturel Protected content Saint-Bernard, Protected content Jeanne d'Arc): Wednesday 19: Protected content Open class
Protected content 19: Protected content Advanced class

@le Bonheur est dans le Pot Protected content Saint-Pierre, Protected content Thursday 11: Protected content Open class
Protected content 11: Protected content Open class

@ManuVision (Carrer del Taulat 77, Poblenou, Barcelona): Tuesday 13: Protected content FREE inaugural Open class

All classes are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and experience (and pregnancy!) and are safe for people with injuries. We work progressively through each sequence, building and adding each week toward a more flowing, meditative, silent practice; and we work responsively, respecting the body we bring to the mat each class and adjusting where necessary to nourish it and avoid injury. Classes are drop-in so you don't need to book in advance and all you need is comfortable clothes and an empty belly.

Drop-in classes are 15€, 10-class passes (valid for 10 weeks Protected content or the 'unlimited' 4-week pass for 80€.
Private classes, small group classes and corporate classes are also available. Call me for details - Protected content .

If you need a Swedish, Remedial or Deep Tissue massage, I'm taking appointments from Thursday Jan 8th so give me a buzz to book in.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you all again and sharing/ exploring another year - Hope you're smiling!

Zoe x

The 5 sequences I teach through the year are from Yoga Synergy in Sydney. More from their website
"The Yoga Synergy sequences were named in honour of the pancha mahabhuta (5 Great Elements) of Hinduism and Ayurveda that are believed to make up all of creation, including the human body - which, upon death, dissolves into these five elements of nature, thereby balancing the cycle of nature set in motion by the creative force of the universe.
Each of the five elements is associated with one of the five senses, and acts as the gross medium for the experience of sensations. According to Hindu thought, the basest element, Earth (prithvi, kshiti or bhūmi) was created using all the other elements and thus can be perceived by all five senses - hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight. The next element, Water (aap or jala), has no odour but can be seen, tasted, heard, and felt. Next comes Fire (tejas or agni), which can be seen, heard and felt. Air (vaayu, marut or pavan ) can be heard and felt. Ether (akasha) is the medium of sound but is inaccessible to all other senses. Hindus believe that the universal creative force used akasha, the most "subtle" element, to create the other four traditional elements; each element created is in turn used to create the next, each less subtle than the last.

Fire is the third of the 5 sequences, designed to be a heating, dynamic, energising practice during the cold winter months. Fire is the transformative element. It is form without substance and the engine of all processes. According to Ayurveda, the location of Fire in the body is the small intestine. Within our bodies, the fire or energy binds the atoms together. Fire transforms food into energy. It creates the impulses of nervous reactions, our feelings, and even our thought processes. The intention with which we practise this sequence is to generate the internal fire, to boost immunity and maintain vitality through the coolness of winter."

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