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School for my grade 8 son... (Toulouse)


Hi. My husband and I and our 2 teen aged boys will be living in Toulouse (from Canada) from Sept.- Dec. We have lots of questions! ...but the first is about schools. Our younger son is in his first year of late French Immersion. In September he will be in grade 8. We would like to put him in a French school, hopefully one where they welcome kids with limited French. And we are interested in a public school. Not a Catholic school.

The apartment we will be living in is near
Allee Jean Jaures and Place Wilson.

I'm hoping that someone may be able to tell me if there is a good school in the neighborhood (we won't have a car when we are there). Also do you know the best way to get it set up? Perhaps I
should write the Director of the school? Thanks!


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