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After work lime - Marine House - Friday June 8th. (Trinidad & Tobago)

Ladies and Gentleman,

The Marines are doing it again!!!! We are having another DJ party and it’s going to be even bigger. If you had a great time with our last DJ party, please come out again with some of your friends. This party was a GREAT turn out and I can only see it getting bigger and better from here.  Just in case if you were wondering or can even remember that far back and we didn’t get a chance to meet, I was the guy with huge muscles (hahaha, joking) with the FDNY shirt on behind the bar. If you should have any ideas, questions or comments, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer questions, make changes and take notes of ways to improve. You can have an contribution to make these parties more attractive and improved, I just need to know ways on how to create the atmosphere and I’ll make it happen.

Happy hour Special 5pm-6:30 pm
-20 TTD Vodka mix drinks
-Buy one stag or Carib, get one free

First 20 people to arrive will get a free raffle ticket. The Marines will conduct 3 raffles and if your number is called, you get 1 drink of your choice. Please be nice and consider to share if you win. 

Once again thank you for supporting the US Marines as we welcome you to our house parties. The future is bright as the summer is coming closer. Maybe next time, we can get people on the dance floor sooner.

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