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At last D-Day has been announced - May 24, 2010 (Trinidad & Tobago)

Tonight is Sunday night as I watch a replay of the PNM St Helena Junction campaign on April 17, Protected content . As I anxiously await to hear about how the PNM party was going to address the burning issues affecting the country - lo and behold, I am getting a history lesson.... starting from when the Prime Minister started his political career.

I think that the Prime Minister would make a great history teacher.... mind you, this is all history to me but the information is very informative. Some of the things that are mentioned, I did not know so I am grateful for the history lesson. The rationale for the history lesson is to educate the population as to why a coalition government, now being proposed by the UNC and COP will not work.

The Prime Minister has indicated they will go to the people of the country to be voted into power. They will not go through any back doors to get into power. Hence his reason for calling a General Elections before time. He is not going to let the opposition dictate whether a no confidence vote dishonor the PNM.

Interesting for a man who has a battery of lawyers on stand back, he should be aware that the story that he is telling the people about the incident with the COP and UNC is hear say. My question is: Was he in the meeting?? He is only repeating what he has been told. I was not there so I really don't know if what is being stated has any truth to it.

The question that I would like answered is: where all the money gone and how come buildings that have just been finished still need millions of dollars to complete them?

Having never been interested in politics, I am like a lot of Trinidadians who have awoken from a deep sleep. I pay attention to issues that affect our economy and I watch the Parliament channel to see how our parliamentary representatives present themselves in Parliament and how they deal with the issues that need to be addressed. I guess this awareness comes with age.

Looking forward to the UNC/COP rebuttal to the April 17th session. The Prime Minister brought forward a very valid point: what ministerial posts are certain members of the UNC/COP going to be put in charge of? Can't wait for the answer.

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