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Bacchanal in Trindad & Tobago - Elections 90 days (Trinidad & Tobago)

Everybody wondering what is going on!! Like the Prime Minister gone clear..... What is it that the government did not want revealed in Parliament today when the opposition was going to move on a NO confidence vote... A ticker on the bottom of my TV screen indicated that the opposition was going to talk about documents that shows a link between the Prime Minister, Calder Hart and the building of the church in Guanapo... hallelujah!!!

I am now a fan of the tv channel which airs Parliament live and I watched as the various Ministers and Senators talked about the Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority Bill. Some senators gave statistics of failed authorities in various countries while other senators were calling on the government to have transparency and to be sensitive about how employees are going to be treated by the government when it was time to implement the changes that they were proposing.

It is my belief that before, during and after the alleged fiasco with the spending of millions of dollars by UDECOTT and the lack of accountability, people are not going to TRUST the government and its word. It was interesting to listen to the Minister of Finance talk about TRUST in a relationship and how the other side was not TRUSTING that the government would keep it's commitment to the document that just had initials of the parties who agreed to the document but the document was NOT signed. For those of us who maybe "Bush Lawyers", even I as an ordinary citizen, am very aware that if a document is NOT signed by all parties concerned, then the document is invalid in a court of law. My ten year old son knows that.

As I write this thread, both sides are marshaling their forces to get their candidates out to the people and are confident that they will win the elections. Loved the comment, by the Chief Whip for the opposition, that after elections the opposition members will be sitting in the government representatives seats. Scandalous laughter erupted in the Senate....

I will be watching with bated breath from the side lines, the antics and the airing of the various campaign trails by both parties. There will be much bar room discussions about who is doing what and everyone will have something to say about the upcoming elections. This reminds me of a chariot race in the days of the roman empire, where no mercy will be shown by either party.

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