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Coach Certification is about trust! (Trinidad & Tobago)

Over the last several years, the coaching industry has grown at an incredible rate and at one point, was the second fastest growing profession in the world (next to IT). This encouraging growth allows us to enjoy the possibilities of being a coach. However, it also makes accredited training more essential than ever. Increasingly people are claiming the title of "coach" without any formal qualification or while studying to become certified. Some people may say that being a "coach" is different to being a "certified coach" and I agree, but the critical issue is to be honest with the public when marketing oneself as a "coach".

In the sporting industry where the word "coach" is used, whether the individual is qualified or not, there is now a thrust for individuals to become certified. The Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC), located in Barbados has a Caribbean Coaching Certification Programme designed for persons involved in coaching (in any sport), including community sport leaders, volunteers or paid sports professionals, across the region. Its main objective is to improve the competency level of all coaches and to ensure that all government employed coaches in the region, become certified at the Coach Theory Course level.

Coach Certification is about trust. Trusting that individuals have gone through a training curriculum and practicum built on a client focused methodology and delivered by qualified coach trainers. Being certified enhances the credibility of the coaching profession which is now an emerging career in the Caribbean Region. Certification also allows coaches to confidently serve the region as skilled, trained and proficient coaches, according to the highest standards of the profession, which we must guard zealously.

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