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Health and Wellness Coaching (Trinidad & Tobago)

Are you sick and tired of being fat and miserable? Today’s topic is Health and Wellness coaching in Trinidad and Tobago. Coach in Training and Natural Health Educator, Marcia Smith begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting is offering Health and Wellness coaching at Centre for Life Change.

What is Health and Wellness coaching? Firstly: There are people who are frustrated about all the failures they’ve experienced trying previous weight loss products and poor nutrition. A coach will be able to relate to the pain they’ve experienced having failed in their quest.

Secondly, parents with overweight children, have their own unique set of concerns about their kid’s weight problems. Thirdly, pre-retirees might be thinking a lot more about their immediate health problems associated with their weight. Fear of a heart attack or losing their limbs to diabetes is uppermost in their minds. Also having grandkids, would for the first time put them on a health watch, because they want to live long enough to see their grandkids grow.

A coach will help them to think about their reality and to recognize and work on the solutions. One of the options towards achieving and maintaining good health is through Nutritional Blood Analysis. This Analysis is not a diagnostic tool but may point out the deficiencies in someone’s blood ie parasites, digestive issues, acidity of the body fluids, and nutritional deficiencies as it did in my experience. This made me realize that my cells are a reflection of who I am. Health is now my number one priority.

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